Befach Diet & Diabetic Rice Benefits

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We have faith in our product. We are sure Befach will have a positive impact on the health of you and your family. So let’s guarantee it!
Test your sugar level and see the difference!

Day 1

Test your sugar levels after 2 hours of consuming everyday rice meals.

Day 2

Test your sugar levels after 2 hours of consuming Befach rice meal.


You will observe a 15-20% reduction in your sugar levels.


Make sure to eat the same quantity and keep similar food habits on both days for more accurate results.

If you don’t see the difference, let us know. We are happy to offer a complete refund, no questions asked!



For Befach Diet & Diabetic Rice

Clinically Proven & Tested by National Institute of Nutrition

How is Befach Rice, Low GI?

Befach Rice has a low Glycaemic Index(GI) and is different from other varieties of Rice.

  1. This Rice is a cross breed between 2 varieties of Rice that have given the best of the requirements, viz. Good Taste and Low GI Value.
  2. This Rice has inherent Starch Characteristics (amylose and amylopectin) that enable slower absorption of Carbohydrates.
About Befach Diet & Diabetic Rice
Low Glycaemic Index
Taking Care of Health

Know someone who is compromising on their health?

Do you know a family member, friend, or acquaintance struggling to maintain a healthy diet or keep their sugar levels in control? Tell them about Befach!

It’s a healthier and more secure alternative to white Rice with the advantages of a lower GI level, high nutrients, and healthy fats. It’s simple to cook and is perfect to use regularly.

It’s the simplest way to transition into a healthier and happier life.

Befach is the Best Alternative to Brown Rice
Diabetic do's & dont's
Befach Diet Rice with Instant Results
Befach Low Glycaemic Index Rice



BEFACH Supports Yashodeep Education Trust Which Has A Mission Of Supporting Intellectually Good But Economically Poor Students Of Maharashtra

For more details visit: www.yashodeep.org

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